as·cend = to gain or succeed

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Ascend Financial, LLC is a full-service tax preparation and financial services firm located in Baton Rouge, LA with experience in accounting and tax services. The company offers both individual and tax services. Ascend believes that a small business and its owners can receive far more value than just getting their tax returns filed. The firm assists small businesses with accounting, payroll solutions, tax preparation, tax planning, proper company structure and much more. Ascend believes in long-lasting relationships with every client.

Offering affordable, experienced and reliable services. Ascend Financial assist companies with accounting tasks, so they can focus on business functions and increasing revenue. Our distinctive boutique approach to financial services is geared toward removing the burden of accounting for you, so you can focus on the core activities in your business.

Ascend professionals are highly qualified, friendly and prompt. We keep up and deliver your financial services to provide you with comprehensive financial reports and analysis. We conveniently remove the stressful requirement of accounting in your business.


Allow us to help your business ascend to new levels.